Stone Cross at Kilcullen

Artist(s) : Daniel Maclise (Lithographer)

View of the 9th-century granite high cross, on the site of the monastery founded at Kilcullen (now known as Old Kilcullen) by Saint Patrick in 448 CE

Image Details

Genre Landscape
Technique Hand-coloured prints, Lithographs
Subject(s) Antiquities and archaeological sites
Geographical Location
  • Old Kilcullen, Co. Kildare - Named locality - About 10 miles north of Athy, and just east of the prehistoric hillfort of Knockaulin.
  • Kildare - County
  • Leinster - Province
Keywords(s) Antiquities, Archaeological sites, High crosses, Lands
Colour Coloured
Published / created 1824

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account A Picturesque Tour through Ireland
Print or manuscript Print
Source copy National Library of Ireland J 9141
Stone Cross at Kilcullen