Worst sort of Mayo Stone-Cabin

Artist(s) : John Barrow (Draughtsman), James Lee (Engraver)

Woodcut of a stone cabin in Co. Mayo. It is small and windowless, with smoke coming from the chimney. A woman holding a child is standing outside, beside a cow.

Inscribed in Image

  • Signature – Lee

Image Details

Genre Landscape
Technique Woodcuts
Subject(s) Architecture, Rural life
Geographical Location
  • Mayo - County
  • Connaught - Province
Keywords(s) Cabins, Children, Cottages, Doors & Doorways, Livestock, Women
Colour Monochrome
Published / created 1836

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account A Tour round Ireland [Barrow]
Print or manuscript Print
Location of image in copy p. 162
Source copy National Library of Ireland Ir 9141 b 3

Related text from travel account

The country we now passed through was wretched in the extreme, and the land bore a very stony and barren appearance, except where we came upon an enormous extent of black bog, whereon was not a blade of grass or any living thing, animal or vegetable, for the eye to rest upon. This bog was infinitely the largest I had hitherto seen. The cabins, which were wretched-looking hovels, were generally [p. 162] built of stones loosely heaped together, without mortar or even clay. You must not suppose they were either Cyclopean, Pelasgic, or Etrurian, though, like the latter, they were polygonal, but composed of such polygons as nature or accident had made.
Some of the inclosures of the fields were of the same construction, which is of so convenient a fabric, as to render any kind of gate unnecessary, an article of rare occurrence in Ireland. If a cow or cart is to be driven in or out, it is only by pushing down a gap in the wall, and piling up the stones again in any fashion. Altogether, this part of the country presented a more general appearance of poverty than I had hitherto met with; and the turf dykes, clay ditches, and stone walls, did not contribute to improve a view, which in itself was sombre and melancholy in the extreme. [pp. 161-162]
Worst sort of Mayo Stone-Cabin