Doorway in Galway

Artist(s) : Thomas Colville Scott (Draughtsman)

Pencil drawing of an ‘ancient doorway' in Galway city. A boy is sitting in front of the closed door, and a woman is standing on the right-hand side of the doorway.

According to Tim Robinson 'Details of the figures show that Scott's sketch of the "ancient doorway" is copied from one in the Handbook to Galway, Connemara, and the Irish Highlands, ill. Jas. Mahony (London and Dublin 1854).' (A Survey of the Martin Estate. Dublin: The Lilliput Press, 1995, p. 94).

Inscribed in Image

  • Caption outside of boundaries of image – Ancient Doorway in the Town

Image Details

Genre Genre painting
Technique Pencil works
Subject(s) Antiquities and archaeological sites, Architecture, Cities and towns
Geographical Location
  • Galway - Town or city
  • Galway - County
  • Connaught - Province
Keywords(s) Baskets, Doors & Doorways, People, Shawls, Women
Colour Monochrome
Dimensions 6.5 cm x 10cm
Published / created 1853

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account Ireland: Journal of a visit to Connemara
Note Thomas Colville Scott
Print or manuscript Manuscript
Location of image in copy p. 5
Source copy National Library of Ireland MS 49525
Rights Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland

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Put up at the ‘Railway Hotel’, a gigantic building, just opened to the public. In the afternoon, walked round the town, which contains some fine Squares, many good houses, with a dense, and to infer from the crowded state of the streets, an idle population. [p. 4]
Doorway in Galway