[The Field of Battle on the Boyne]

Artist(s) : Arthur Young (Draughtsman)

View of the River Boyne. In the foreground, on the right-hand side of the image, the Boyne Obelisk stands on an outcrop on the riverbank. There are two islands in the river. Beyond it lie woods and hills, and two houses are visible on the rising ground. The illustration is a greyscale ink wash drawing with light blue wash frame.

Image Details

Genre Landscape
Technique Wash drawings
Subject(s) Architecture, Nature
Geographical Location
  • The Boyne Obelisk - Named locality
  • Louth - County
  • Leinster - Province
Keywords(s) Hills, Houses, Islands, Obelisks, Rivers, Trees
Colour Monochrome
Dimensions 17.5 cm x 22.4 cm
Published / created 1780

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account A Tour in Ireland [Young; copy with unique drawings]
Print or manuscript Print
Location of image in copy opp. p. 98
Source copy National Library of Ireland LO 10203
Rights Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland

Related text from travel account

To the field of battle on the Boyne.—The view of the scene from a rising ground which looks down upon it is exceedingly beautiful, being one of the completest landscapes I have seen. It is a vale, loosing itself [p. 98] in front between bold declivities, above which are some thick woods, and distant country. Through the vale the river winds and forms an island, the point of which is tufted with trees in the prettiest manner imaginable; on the other side a rich scenery of wood, among which is Doctor Norris's house. To the right on a rising ground on the banks of the river, is the obelisk, backed by a very bold declivity; pursued the road till near it, quitted my chaise, and walked to the foot of it. It is founded on a rock which rises boldly from the river. It is a noble pillar, and admirably placed. I seated myself on the opposite rock, and indulged the emotions which, with a melancholy not unpleasing filled my bosom, while I reflected on the consequences that had sprung from the victory here obtained. Liberty was then triumphant. May the virtues of our posterity secure that prize which the bravery of their ancestors won! Peace to the memory of the Prince to whom, whatever might be his failings, we owed that day memorable in the annals of Europe! [pp. 97-98]
The Field of Battle on the Boyne