[Tork Mountain across the Upper Lake]

Artist(s) : Arthur Young (Draughtsman)

Tork Mountain seen across the Upper Lake of Killarney. A small bay is formed by a steep rocky hill on the right, and a rocky promontory on the left. A small opening is left between them; beyond another portion of the lake is visible, directly below the mountain. In the foreground, two figures are on a boat, one facing the viewer, rowing, and the other facing the opposite direction, looking at what is probably a map. The illustration is a greyscale ink wash drawing with a light blue wash frame.

Inscribed in Image

  • Instructions to binder – 293

Image Details

Genre Landscape
Technique Wash drawings
Subject(s) Nature, Transportation
Geographical Location
  • Upper Lake of Killarney - Lake
  • Kerry - County
  • Munster - Province
Keywords(s) Hats, Lakes & ponds, Mountains, Passengers, People
Colour Monochrome
Dimensions 19.6 cm x 22.4 cm
Published / created 1780

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account A Tour in Ireland [Young; copy with unique drawings]
Print or manuscript Print
Location of image in copy opp. p. 293
Source copy National Library of Ireland LO 10203
Rights Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland

Related text from travel account

Coleman's Eye, a narrow pass, opens a different scenery. Came to a region in which the beautiful and the great are mixed without offence. The islands are most of them thickly wooded; Oak isle in particular rises on a pretty base, and is a most beautiful object: Mac Gilly Cuddy's reeks, with their broken points; Baum, with his perfect cone; the Purple mountain, with his broad and more regular head; and Turk, having assumed a new and more interesting aspect, unite with the opposite hills, part of which have some wood left on them, to form a scene uncommonly sinking. Here you look back on a very peculiar spot; it is a parcel of rocks which cross the lake, and form a gap that opens to distant water, the whole backed by Turk, in a stile of the highest grandeur. [p. 293]
Tork Mountain across the Upper Lake