Part of St. Dominick’s Friary. The Church and Town of Kilmallock

Artist(s) : Louis Haghe (Lithographer), William Day (Lithographer)

The ruined friary, sprouting vegetation, occupies the foreground. Behind is the town of Kilmallock and the 13th-century church, with the remnants of a round tower. There are two figures by the friary.

Image Details

Genre Landscape
Subject(s) Architecture, Cities and towns
Geographical Location
  • Kilmallock - Town or city
  • Limerick - County
  • Munster - Province
Keywords(s) Antiquities, Buildings, Churches, Houses, People, Round towers, Ruins, Towers, Trees, Windows
Colour Monochrome
Published / created 1839

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account Rambles in the South of Ireland
Print or manuscript Print
Location of image in copy Vol. 2, facing p. 256
Source copy James Hardiman Library, National University of Ireland Galway Special Collections: 914.190481 CHA

Related text from travel account

After breakfasting with our friends near
 Bruff, we started for Kilmallock, and passed 
several delightful hours wandering over its
 interesting ruins. I thought of some lines by 
Crofton Croker, on Kilmallock—


When first I saw Kilmallock's walls,

'Twas in the stillness of moon-light; 

And lofty towers and stately halls,

Frowned darkly then enwrapped in night,
Just touched with tinsel, streaks and gleams,

Mysterious, as a town of dreams

But morning with its rosy sky

Dispelled this visionary pride;
All greatness did in ruin lie, 

Mean hovels stood on every side;

The peasant held the lordly pile,
And cattle filled the roofless aisle.

Kilmallock in the pensive mind

Awakens many a solemn thought;

There will the heart this lesson find—

[p. 241] That human strength and power are nought,

To-day a boast—to-morrow gone!

A moral deep to muse upon.
[Vol. 2, p. 240-241]
[Followed by very full account of the history of Kilmallock]
Part of St. Dominick’s Friary. The Church and Town of Kilmallock