[Boyle Monument in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin]

Artist(s) : Thomas Dineley (Draughtsman)

Sketch of the Boyle family monument, erected in 1632 by Sir Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork, in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, in sepia and red ink. The monument consists of four tiers, and includes a number of sculpted figures within a complex structure of arches and columns.

St Patrick’s Cathedral website, at http://www.stpatrickscathedral.ie/Boyle-Monument.aspx. Accessed 8.11.2014.
Heather King, ‘The pre-1700 memorials in St Patrick’s Cathedral’, in Conleth Manning (ed.), Dublin and beyond the Pale (Bray, Co. Wicklow: Wordwell, 1998), pp. 75-104, here pp. 79-80, 90-93.

Inscribed in Image

  • Text within boundaries of image – The inscriptions to this monument are in the opposite leafe

Image Details

Genre Scientific or Technical illustration
Technique Pen and ink drawings
Subject(s) Antiquities and archaeological sites, Architecture
Geographical Location
  • St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin - Named locality
  • Dublin - Town or city
  • Dublin - County
  • Leinster - Province
Keywords(s) Archaeological sites, Hats, Inscriptions, Men, People, Prayer, Sculpture, Tombs & sepulchral monuments, Women
Colour Handcoloured
Dimensions 15 cm x 22.6 cm
Published / created 1681

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account Observations in a Voyage through the Kingdom of Ireland
Print or manuscript Manuscript
Location of image in copy p. 18
Source copy National Library of Ireland MS 392
Rights Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland

Related text from travel account

Decent Sepulture is not onely naturaly to be desired but the most Heroick Minds made it their great desire to be honourably buried. Mezentius asks it of Aeneas. Virg Aen lib. 10.
[p. 17] This care of burial made the Countess of Cork (Semiramis like) to cause the following monument to be sett up to the Honour and memory of her ancestors and posterity.
The Earle of Corks Monument erected at the request of his Lady that her Grandfather Father & her self might be buried together, This according to the other side the leafe consists of four stories, reaching thirty four foot from the ground and is placed under an Arch that in times past was a passage into St Marie’s Chappel of this Cathedrall of St Patrick, records say it cost ye sayd Earle above a Thousand pounds sterling. [pp. 16-17]
Boyle Monument in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin