Artist(s) : Thomas Dineley (Draughtsman)

View of Staplestown village, near Carlow town, from the top of Castle Hill, later known as Pigeon Hill, looking across the River Burren. Little trace remains of the buildings shown here by Dineley. Although the hill is the artist’s stated position it appears in full outline in the image. The image includes a compass rose which indicates that the viewer’s gaze is directed roughly WNW. The annexed index identifies the principal buildings and their owners, with, in some cases, their trades. Other features include the castle at the base of the hill, the bridge across the River Burren, a mill-wheel, an inn-sign and a shop-sign, various out-buildngs, the roadways to Kilkenny, Carlow and Dublin, glades in the surrounding woodland and a feature called 'The Mount' which may have been a natural hill, a garden feature or a motte or tumulus.
Castle Hill, or Pigeon Hill, no longer exists, having been quarried extensively. The course of the river and position of the bridge have been altered, with the bridge now located a little further north than it was originally. Some vestiges of ‘The Turrets’ remain visible.

Archaeological Inventory of County Carlow, compiled by Anna Brindley and Annaba Kilfeather (Dublin: the Stationery Office, 1993), p. 94.
Information concerning local landmarks supplied by Henry O’Neill and family, Staplestown, 30 Oct. 2014.

Inscribed in Image

  • Caption within boundaries of image – Staplestown
  • Text within boundaries of image – The Castle hill whence this Prospect was taken of STAPLES TOWN. / B Benekerry belonging to William Envers Esqr. / A The Turrets belonging to John Tench Esqr. / C. Worthy Mr James Moor ye Minister D Robt Lackey miller / E Thomas Harris at the Crown Saddle & In-keeper / F Thomas Glaseby Taylor & Victualler. G Tho Gould Farriers / H Joseph Davis Gardiner. R Hugh Brookshaw Mason / K Nicholas Langford Carpenter. S [blank space ] shoomaker, all protestants. L The Mount M N Glades in the wood. I ye stable of ye Turrets. O The Barnes.
    The way to Kilkenny / River Burren / The Burren / Burren /The Road to Carlo & Dublin.

Image Details

Genre Landscape
Technique Pen and ink drawings
Subject(s) Architecture, Cities and towns, Manners and customs
Geographical Location
  • Staplestown - Townland
  • Carlow - County
  • Leinster - Province
Keywords(s) Bridges, Buildings, Castles, Cottages, Doors & Doorways, Fishing, Gardens & parks, Gates, Hills, Houses, Mansions, Mills, Plans, Rivers, Stores & shops, Taverns (Inns), Towers, Trees, Windows
Colour Monochrome
Dimensions 14.6 cm x 20.6 cm
Published / created 1681

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account Observations in a Voyage through the Kingdom of Ireland
Print or manuscript Manuscript
Location of image in copy p. 83
Source copy National Library of Ireland MS 392
Rights Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland

Related text from travel account

A mile and a half distant from Carlow is STAPLES TOWN heretofore belonging to Sr John Temple master of the Rolls in Ireland, Purchased by John Tench Esqr \once/ of Lincolns Inne in the county of Middx. now one of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for the county of Carlow. and sett by him to Capn Edward Brabazon One of his Maties. most honble Privy Councill in the Kingdome of Ireland brother to the Rt Honble the Earle of Meath.

BURREN this river aboundes with Pike, and a silver Eele second to none in the three Kingdomes.
I cannot forget the saying of Ingenious Mr James More heretofore chaplain to Sr John Temple.
That Rivers and the Inhabitants of the watry Element were made for wise men to contemplate, and Fools to pass by without consideration. As I shall not be so immodest as to range myself with the first, so I shall endeavour to throw off the scandall of the last, by some small account as I go along.
Mr Moor observed to me that the Burren in its course differs from all the Rivers in this Kingdome, for that it naturally runs from the Sea when all the others run to it.
In this river are found some small stones clearer and harder than Christall.
On an hill also belonging to Staples Town, are plow'd up severall clearer & harder than Cristall all squared and pointed One whereof almost two Inches long was presented to me by Walter Welden Esqr found upon those Lands.
[p. 83] [image: Staplestown]
[p. 84] Linnen manufacture is sett on foot in this county of Carlo: for encouragement whereof once a yeer a Jury is sworne of understanding men in that affaire to view the clothes and give in who hath made the best, for which they receive of this county so much viz. [blank space], the next best hath a lower, and the 3d a lower rate than that, in which degree stand all that are brought finish’d & whiten’d, that none should loose, and this work goes by the name of County-Cloth, putting ye young women & maydens of this county to employ all their skill Industry and Endeavours to exceed each other in Spinning weaving whitening &c for ye Triumph of that day which they are not a little proud of.
They who bore the bell away this Anno 1681 were the daughters of Captain Ewers and sisters to William Ewers Esqr. att Benekerry castle within two miles of Carlow. [pp. 82-84]