Ballynunnery Castle

Artist(s) : Thomas Dineley (Draughtsman)

View of Ballynunnery Castle, with adjacent gardens and orchard. The castle, to the left-hand side of the image, is composed of a series of buildings of differing heights, including two square gabled towers. The lowest building, with dormer windows, is thatched; the others appear to be slated. Some of the windows are mullioned. To the right of this complex and behind it the garden and orchard are set out in four divisions separated by broad alleys. They are fronted by a wall with an entrance. The image is surrounded by an oval frame. Outside the boundaries of the frame, and to the front of the castle is drawn another higher stone wall with pillars and a gate. There is no sign of real fortification.
The location given here is derived from that recorded in the register of National Monuments.
Archaeological Survey of Ireland, at, record CW013-022. Accessed 06.12.2014.

Inscribed in Image

  • Caption within boundaries of image – Ballynunnery Castle
  • Text within boundaries of image – Garden / Garden & Orchard / Garden / Garden

Image Details

Genre Landscape
Technique Pen and ink drawings
Subject(s) Antiquities and archaeological sites, Architecture, Horticulture
Geographical Location
  • Ballynunnery Castle (vestiges)) - Castle - Location based on Archaeological Survey record CW013-022
  • Carlow - County
  • Leinster - Province
Keywords(s) Birds, Buildings, Castles, Gardens & parks, Gates, Jewellery, Towers
Colour Monochrome
Dimensions 11.5 cm x 10.6 cm
Published / created 1681

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account Observations in a Voyage through the Kingdom of Ireland
Print or manuscript Manuscript
Location of image in copy p. 89
Source copy National Library of Ireland MS 392
Rights Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland

Related text from travel account

Is scituate upon a riseing Hill among good Gardens – Orchards, Meadows and other profitable Lands, at the foot of this hill by the side of the Gardenage neer the Castle runneth a pleasant River abounding with Trouts
Here are also found quantity of good Pearl not unlike Scotch Pearle which ye Lady of the Castle hath to shew.
[p. 89] [image: Ballynunnery Castle]
Balynunnery Castle part of the Estate of the Earle of Arran, held for lives lately by Oliver Keating Esqr Lieutent to Captain Chambers Brabazons Troop of Horse Now in the hands and held onely for the life of Mrs Anne Keating, widdow of the sayd Oliver: this is distant from Staplestowne two miles and half, from Catherlough 4 miles and from Tulla\g/h two and an half. [pp. 88-89]
Ballynunnery Castle