Formoy bridge over the Black-water

Artist(s) : Thomas Dineley (Draughtsman)

View of multi-arched bridge over the River Blackwater, at Fermoy, seen from the east looking up-river. It appears to be composed of different sections, alternating wood and masonery. There is a single-masted boat below the bridge, with some buildings to the right and steep hills in the background. To the left there is an indication of what may have been a mill race or fish pass.
The bridge drawn by Dineley was replaced in 1689 by a 13-arch stone bridge, at a cost of £7500, and this was rebuilt in 1864-1865.
Charles Smith, The Antient and Present State of the County and City of Cork (Dublin: A. Reilly, 1750), p. 355
Archaeological Survey, at, record CO035-073. Accessed 13.12.2014.

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  • Caption within boundaries of image – Formoy bridge over the Black-water

Image Details

Genre Landscape
Technique Pen and ink drawings
Subject(s) Architecture
Geographical Location
  • Fermoy Bridge - Named locality
  • Fermoy - Town or city
  • Cork - Town or city
  • Munster - Province
Keywords(s) Birds, Boats, Bridges, Buildings, Hills, Mountains, Rivers, Ships
Colour Monochrome
Dimensions 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm
Published / created 1681

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account Observations in a Voyage through the Kingdom of Ireland
Print or manuscript Manuscript
Location of image in copy p. 217
Source copy National Library of Ireland MS 392
Rights Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland

Related text from travel account

From Michaels Town to Manning a small house pleasant in Scituation* [in margin: *upon a river & neer a Ford] the estate of Mr Robert Fennel is five miles. Whence to Formoy bridg a considerable pass over a River called the Black-Water which see page is almost three miles.
[p. 216] From Formoy’bridg to a fair English like Town in the county of Waterford called TALLOUGH is 8 miles, in going to which you leave on your left hand CASTLE-LIONS a fair seat commanding a Market Town belonging to the Lord Barry Lord Viscount Buttevant Earle of Barrimore.
[p. 217]
[image: Formoy bridge over the Black-water]
Five miles from Michel Town belonging to the Lord Kingstone is Manning in the hands of Mr Robert Fennel, whence to Formoy is two miles in the way to Youghall which is 16 miles further [pp. 215-217]
Formoy bridge over the Black-water