St Mary’s Church in Youghall

Artist(s) : Thomas Dineley (Draughtsman)

View of St Mary’s Church, Youghal. The building is partly roofless, and stands behind a cemetery with several engraved tombstones. A lone figure walks among the graves. The image, which has suffered some damage, is within a circular frame.

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  • Caption within boundaries of image – St Mary’s Church in Youghall

Image Details

Genre Landscape
Technique Wash drawings
Subject(s) Antiquities and archaeological sites, Architecture
Geographical Location
  • St Mary's Collegiate Church, Youghal - Named locality
  • Youghal - Town or city
  • Cork - County
  • Munster - Province
Keywords(s) Archaeological sites, Birds, Buildings, Cemeteries, Churches, People, Ruins, Steeples, Tombs & sepulchral monuments, Towers
Colour Handcoloured
Dimensions 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm
Published / created 1681

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account Observations in a Voyage through the Kingdom of Ireland
Print or manuscript Manuscript
Location of image in copy p. 220
Source copy National Library of Ireland MS 392
Rights Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland

Related text from travel account

The Publick Works of this Town, and First the sacred as Churches & Religious houses – are these. St Marys Church which I have sketched off page [blank] The Ruines of an Abbey neer Cork road leading into this Town and some small remaines of an ancient Monastery on that end of this Town which leads towards the ancient Lighthouse & mouth of the harbour seawards
St MARY’S is the chiefest, and in use though much out of repaire, it was anciently a Collegiate Church, and at this time sayd to be the fairest parish Church of the Province; the first monument you rencounter, at the entrance into the remaines of the Chancell, is this marked B. but without armes or Inscription.
[Image: 'Monument in St Mary's Church, Youghal']
Entring into the Church this way and having passed under the ancient Organ loft your left hand leadeth to a Chappel founded by Richard Bennet and Elizabeth Barry his wife, as appears by this next monument and Inscription. sett up at the charges of Sr Richard Boyle Lord Boyle Baron of this Town, Viscount Dungarvan, Earle of Cork, Lord High Treasurer of Ireland &c. [Image of funeral monument with gisants: 'Monument of Richard Bennet in St Mary’s Church, Youghal']
The Inscription at large to this Monument follows in proper Character. [Followed by text of inscription, details of the persons represented on the monument.] [p.222]
St Mary’s Church in Youghall