[Cascade, upper Lake of Killarney ]

Artist(s) : Luttrell Wynne (Draughtsman)

Simple sketch of wooded landscape with mountains. The waterfall is barely distinguishable in the distance. River in the foreground.

Image Details

Genre Landscape
Technique Wash drawings
Subject(s) Nature
Geographical Location
  • Upper Lake of Killarney - Lake
  • Kerry - County
  • Munster - Province
Keywords(s) Mountains, Plans, Rivers, Trees, Waterfalls
Colour Coloured
Dimensions 31.5 cm x 21.5 cm
Published / created 1774

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account Journal and sketchbook, Ireland (1774)
Print or manuscript Manuscript
Location of image in copy PD/435 [image 14]
Source copy Formerly in Cornwall Record Office. PD/470-473, PD/435
Rights Now in private collection. No reproduction authorized.

Related text from travel account

The Upper Lake is 5 miles in length but of no great breadth. The banks have a wild picturesque appearance, but upon the whole it is inferior to the other. At the End is a fall of water that is seen tumbling through the trees from a great hight, it afterwards forms a pretty winding stream & there joins the lake. [Unpaginated]
Cascade, upper Lake of Killarney