Trim Castle

Artist(s) : Luttrell Wynne (Draughtsman)

View of ivy-clad Trim castle on sloping ground, with bawn wall and turreted gateway to the left. In the foreground further enclosing wall and ruined tower. Trees.

Inscribed in Image

  • Caption within boundaries of image – Trim Castle
  • Text within boundaries of image – Engraved by P. Sandby

Image Details

Genre Landscape
Technique Wash drawings
Subject(s) Architecture, Forts and fortifications
Geographical Location
  • Meath - County
  • Leinster - Province
  • Trim Castle - Castle
Keywords(s) Castles, Gates, Ruins, Towers, Trees
Colour Coloured
Dimensions 31.5 cm x 21.5 cm
Published / created 1774

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account Journal and sketchbook, Ireland (1774)
Print or manuscript Manuscript
Location of image in copy PD/435 [image 31]
Source copy Formerly in Cornwall Record Office. PD/470-473, PD/435
Rights Rights Now in private collection. No reproduction authorized.

Related text from travel account

Trim tho’ a county Town is not large, or well built, its Town house is the only good building of modern construction. It is more remarkable for the ruins of a large old castle upon the banks of the Boyne immediately adjoining to it: which is said to have been buit by a follower of Henry 2nd & to have been the residence of K. John who held a parliament here and had a mint within the walls of this castle.
This castle is different from the rest in this country both in respect to size & structure – it bears some resemblance to that at Rochester, in England. – A high Tower on the opposite side of the river which once made part of an old abbey is likewise remarkable – This is not the only remains of this kind in the town, and near it on different sides of the river are two more. That at Newtown bridge 1 mile off was once very considerable, if one may judge from the numbers of small dependant chapples about it. A little beyond it is another ruin said to have been a college formerly. These ruins with the distant view of Trim castle form a very pleasing scene.
There is a new Jail now erecting at Trim upon the banks of the river close to the old Bridge which seems to be upon a new & admirable construction.
It is a high stone tower consisting of 4 stories, in each are 5 cells excepting in the lowest and in the third story above where part of the rooms is converted into halls with fireplaces for the prisoners in Winter. A long passage runs through each story with a large strong open grate at the farther end, which serves both to give air and light to it. Each of the cells opens into this & is secured by a strong iron grate, with a wooden door in the inside. To each of the cells is a small grated window glazed within; & each has a supply of water, which is conveyed down by a pipe under which is a sink & pipe to carry it off. There are cells for 17 which occasionally may hold double the number At the farther end of each story is a convenience for the use of the prisoners. A stone staircase is continued to the Top of the Tower where is open place battlemented round where the prisoners may air themselves.
At 3 miles distance from Trim is a handsome seat of Ld Mornington’s at Dangin The situation is not very extraordinary. The offices are entirely new 7 upon a handsome plan the body of the house is an old castle; which is to be pulled down and to be replaced by a modern brick buildingn the stile of what is already finished. There are some good rooms in the old house & a few good pictures. Among the pictures is one by Janis a painter of this country who excelled greatly in caricature likenesses - it seems an odd taste to wish to have one’s friends appear in such disgusting & ridiculous forms. But the chappel which forms part of one of the wings and is a light piece of gothick in the inside and the library in the opposite wing are the best rooms in the house. In the chapple is a very good organ upon which his Lordship plays and has choir service performed here on Sundays. The library is said to be furnished with a valuable collection of books. The grounds which are lately enriched with considerable plantations are laid out in the modern taste and ornamented with a fine piece of water. [Unpaginated]
Trim Castle