Château de Dangan

Artist(s) : William Henry Bartlett (Draughtsman), Henry Griffiths (Engraver)

View of ruined mansion and other buildings. Men and women with rakes in foreground. Trees and the sun partially hidden by cloud.

Inscribed in Image

  • Signature – W.H. Bartlett / H. Griffiths
  • Caption outside of boundaries of image – Château de Dangan

Image Details

Genre Landscape
Technique Engravings
Subject(s) Agriculture, Architecture, Rural life
Geographical Location
  • Dangan castle - Castle
  • Meath - County
  • Leinster - Province
Keywords(s) Agricultural equipment, Gardens & parks, Mansions, Men, People, Trees, Women
Colour Monochrome
Published / created 1845

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account L'Irlande au dix-neuvième siècle
Print or manuscript Print
Location of image in copy titlepage
Source copy Private collection. Contact Ireland Illustrated.
Rights Private collection. Contact Ireland Illustrated.
Château de Dangan