[Sketch of a jaunting car]

Artist(s) : W.R. Drake (Draughtsman)

Small sketch of a jaunting car, similar to the one on which the author rode into Dublin.

Image Details

Genre Scientific or Technical illustration
Technique Pencil works
Subject(s) Transportation
Geographical Location
  • Dublin Highway - Road
Keywords(s) Carriages & coaches
Colour Monochrome
Dimensions 6 cm x 2 cm
Published / created 1844

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account Holiday Ramblings
Note Features on p. 9. of the text.
Print or manuscript Manuscript
Location of image in copy bottom p 9
Source copy Special Collections, Boole Library, University College Cork U6
Rights UCC Special collections.

Related text from travel account

“At the terminus, for the first time of my life, I trusted myself on an Irish jaunting car. Of those vehicles in common with all the world, had heard – pleasant conveyances; but requiring the service of an apprenticeship to ride safely on them. – “An is it a car now y’r honor?” – I nodded.” I pointed at my portemanteau which was incontinently seized by the speaker, a little undersized, dirty looking rascal who started off. I rushing after him to protect my property. – On a car hay straps were deposited, and with a trembling heart I mounted. – Could I hope to sit safely all the way to Harcourt Street? I thought of turning the corners. – I pictured myself flying off, heaven knows how far, and my soul shooked within the … I determined to throw myself upon the merciful consideration of my J… (?) - ‘What’s your name my lad?’ – I said to him. ‘Sure an Larry’s my name yer honor.’ ‘Then Larry’ said I ‘my good fellow. I wish you to understand that I’m a stranger here, I don’t know the trim of these cars, do the favour therefore Larry and go steady, particularly around the corners.’ ‘Och now, am is it a strangther yer honor is in th’ould counthry? Am sure how its an illegant car yer’upon twon’t I drive you dacent?’ – and without further parley up he jumped, giving a kind of howl to his horse, not altogether dissimilar from the indescribable omitted from the lips of a French diligence driver – and off we went, I holding on like grim death ‘till we arrived to Harcourt Street, where thanksgiving for my safety prompted my liberality to so great an extent that the rascal, I verily believe, got three times his fare!’