[Malahide Castle and Park]

Artist(s) : W.R. Drake (Draughtsman)

Shows the castle of Malahide with deers in the park

Image Details

Genre Mixed
Technique Pencil works
Subject(s) Architecture
Geographical Location
  • Malahide - Castle
Keywords(s) Castles, Deer, Gardens & parks
Colour Monochrome
Dimensions 23.5 x 18.5
Published / created 1844

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account Holiday Ramblings
Note Possibly a print re-drawn.
Print or manuscript Manuscript
Source copy Special Collections, Boole Library, University College Cork U6
Rights UCC Library

Related text from travel account

… we walked around the garden and the grounds immediately adjacent to the castle – a short distance of which, embosomed in a thick grove of chestnuts, the brilliantly varied foliage of which contrasted most picturesquely with the grey ruin, stands the remains of a church which is said to have been unroofed for the sake of the lead required to add to the fortification of the walls by Cromwell who during his sojourn in Ireland seized upon Malahide as his residence observing that it was the strongest castle in the neighbourhood of Dublin. (…) The East window of the church is beautifully perfect and forms an admirable subject for the artist’s pencil.
Malahide Castle and Park