[Path in Glen of the Downs]

Artist(s) : W.R. Drake (Draughtsman)

Path in the Glen of the Downs, with trees on both sides, and Sugar Loaf Mountain in the background.

Image Details

Genre Landscape
Technique Pencil works
Subject(s) Nature
Geographical Location
  • Glen of the Downs, Wicklow - Named locality
Keywords(s) Hills, Trees
Colour Monochrome
Dimensions 23.5 x 18.5
Published / created 1844

Bibliographical Details

Travel Account Holiday Ramblings
Print or manuscript Manuscript
Source copy Special Collections, Boole Library, University College Cork U6
Rights UCC Library

Related text from travel account

... until we reached the Glen of the Downs which is formed by two lofty hills clothed with the most luxuriant foliage – diversified by masses of bald rock pithing out from its sides and crowned here and there by lofty dark pines. The Glen is about a mile and half in length and the public road passes thro’ it. It is seen to greater advantage when entering it on the opposite side to Bray, as there a fine perspective is terminated by the Sugar Loaf Mountain. – I stopped (...) whilst I made a sketch of the view – I wish I could have caught the beautifully varied and rich autumnal tints which a bright sunshine threw out most magnificently – the fine beech tree in particular to the left of the drawing which my sister has made for us was one mass of colour each tint varying from the other. In the midst of these brilliant hues stood some fine pine trees with their dark sombre appearance in exquisite relief, backed by the curiously shaped mountain with its sterile peak and the foreground well defined by some disjointed masses of huge rock – I feel that I cannot at all describe the intense beauty of the scene on which we gazed; fortunately my reader will recollect the effect.
Path in Glen of the Downs