Rambles in the South of Ireland during the year 1838

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Genre Travel journal
Description of Travel Account Two volumes, relating the author’s travels in Munster, in counties Cork, Kerry, Tipperary, Limerick and Clare, in 1838. This, the second edition, appeared in 1839, the first edition (also 1839) having sold out within weeks. Contains numerous descriptions of antiquities and objects of interest, illustrated by 8 engravings and and 25 woodcuts. The text is dedicated to Lady Barham by 'her very sincere friend'.
The second edition contains two 'Advertisements', both by the author. The first of these, dated June 20th 1839, provides a glimpse of how tourism in Ireland's 'wildest districts' was viewed at the time:
'My principal object in publishing this book, is to endeavour to remove some of the prejudices which render so many people afraid either to travel or reside in Ireland—to shew how many and various are the attractions that misunderstood country contains—and to furnish the most decided proofs that a tour in some of its wildest districts may be keenly enjoyed by an Englishwoman, rendered fastidious by ill-health, and frequent visits to the more refined and luxurious countries of the South of Europe.
These rough notes were written during my last residence in Ireland; but some of the observations they contain are the result of my experience in many previous visits to that country.' (I, p. v)
A very favorable review, with some of the illustrations from the book, appeared in June 1839 in The Gentleman’s Magazine, vol. 166, p. 613-617.
Language English
Location of Master Copy and Shelfmark James Hardiman Library, National University of Ireland Galway : Special Collections: 914.190481 CHA
Published/Created London: Saunders & Otley, 1839
Number of Pages 650