Narrative of a Residence in Ireland during the summer of 1814, and that of 1815. By Anne Plumptre, author of Narrative of a three year’s residence in France, etc. Illustrated with numerous engravings of remarkable scenery.

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Genre Travel journal
Description of Travel Account Journal of two separate tours in Ireland in the summers of 1814 and 1815 respectively. The first journey consists of a stay in Dublin, journey to Belfast and its environs, and return to Dublin. The second includes a further visit to Dublin, and travel in Wicklow, Kilkenny, Cork, the Lakes of Killarney, Limerick and Cashel. The account is preceded by a preface by the author dated 1816.
Regarding the thirteen illustrations contained in the volume, Anne Plumptre notes: ‘My thanks are particularly due to the two gentlemen by whom I was favoured with the principal part of the sketches for the engravings. Most of them were taken at my own particular desire with a view to the illustration of my work: those that were not so, were furnished me by a friend who had visited the spots from which they were taken previous to my visiting them. In making the drawings, according to my very earnest request, the strictest fidelity has been observed. I have, in the course of my work, reprobated the too common practice among artists, of rather aiming at forming a pleasing combination of objects, than delineating the spot as it really is.’ Only in a few instances has it been possible to identify individuals who provided original sketches: they are named as Mr Hare, Captain England and Mr C.
Language English
Published/Created London: Henry Colburn, 1817
Number of Pages 412