The Irish Watering Places, their Climate, Scenery and Accommodations; including analyses of the principal mineral springs, by Dr. R. Kane, and remarks on the various forms of disease to which they are adapted; together with directions for the regimen of invalids, and observations on indigestion, gout, pulmonary consumption, and other diseases of the chest, stomach, and nervous system. By Alexander Knox, M.D., Late Physician and Surgeon to the Ballycastle Dispensary, Fever Hospital, and Poor House.

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Genre Guidebook
Description of Travel Account Medical volume including description of the mineral water springs in Ireland and their medical uses, collected during a tour of the country by Dr Alexander Knox, who embarked upon this journey as a consequence of protracted illness, following the advice of his physician.
This hybrid work hovers between medical treatise, health tourism promotion and guidebook. It contains very little narrative of the author’s “prolonged tour” of Ireland. As he announces at the outset, he “has been principally actuated by the desire to create and increase an interest in the natural resources of his native land, to fill up a blank in medical literature, and whilst unhappily thrown for a time out of the current of active life, to retain his connection with his profession by some tie of usefulness, however slight [author’s emphasis].
In arranging for the press the matter thus collected, it has been a leading object with the writer, whilst omitting nothing of importance to the physician, to render the work at the same time attractive to the general reader by some modification of style, and the introduction of such passing notices of scenery, history, and antiquities, as may serve, without overlaying the subject, to direct attention to the most interesting features of the country. To this has been added such information on the accommodation for visitors, and modes and expense of travelling, as may prove, it is presumed, of no little use to those who resort to such places in pursuit of amusement or health.” [p. 2]
Language English
Location of Master Copy and Shelfmark National Library of Ireland : Ir 61312 k 1
Published/Created Dublin: William Curry, 1845
Number of Pages 344