L'Irlande au dix-neuvième siècle

Translated Title [Ireland in the nineteenth century]
Print or Manuscript Print
Genre Survey
Description of Travel Account A general presentation of Ireland in 1844-1845, drawing on a personal visit. The author, Joseph Prévost, comte d’Avèze, was a journalist who contributed articles to several Paris periodicals. His account of his tour in Ireland in the early 1840s appeared first in the Revue de Paris as letters addressed to various figures, including the editor of Le Constitutionnel, the director of the Revue de Paris, Baron Taylor, Gustave be Beaumont, Victor Hugo, and lesser political figures. Prévost then published two books on Ireland. The second, Un tour en Irlande (1846), reproduced the letters from the Revue de Paris. The first, L'Irlande au dix-neuvième siècle (1845), dedicated to Gustave de Beaumont, with an introduction by Baron Taylor, was a prestigious production. The publisher, Léon Curmer (1801-1870), whose father's ancestors had emigrated from Cork after the defeat of James II, was known for the quality of his illustrated works. He was sufficiently enthusiastic about Prévost's Irlande au dix-neuvième siècle to have an illustrated poster drawn up announcing a two-volume in-quarto edition with 120 steel engravings. In the event, just one volume appeared. It featured 62 plates from drawings by W.H. Bartlett, to which French titles were added. These engravings had all appeared in The Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland (London: G. Virtue, c. 1841). The final plates in the volume are grouped closely together and the text dwindles rather abruptly.
Much of the account reads more like a tourist guide or a general geographical and historical survey, than a personally experienced journey, although the letters Prévost originally wrote make it clear that he did visit large parts of the country.

Only fifteen of the sixty-two prints are reproduced in this database, as a sample of how engravings were reutilized in travel literature.
Language French
Location of Master Copy and Shelfmark Private collection. Contact Ireland Illustrated.
Published/Created Paris: L. Curmer, 1845
Number of Pages iv-126 pp.