Thomas Walford

Born 1752
Died 1833
Place of Birth Whitley, Essex
Place of Death Whitley, Essex
Gender Male
Biographical Notes English antiquarian who was an officer in the East Essex militia and the Provisional Cavalry, and was also for a time Deputy Lieutenant of the county. He became a member of several scientific societies, such as the Society of Antiquarians, the Linnean Society, and the Geological Society. He published The Scientific Tourist through England, Wales, and Scotland in 1818, and in the same year produced ‘a sequel’, The Scientific Tourist through Ireland. The latter is described in the dedication as a ‘humble attempt to facilitate and familiarize a just knowledge of the value and beauties of the Kingdom of Ireland’. Each of these works provides a county-by-county compilation of places of interest for art, antiquities, science and the picturesque. Besides the list of places worthy of interest, it also contains Walford's personal opinions.


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