John Dix

Born 1811
Died 1864
Place of Birth Bristol, England
Place of Death North America
Gender Male
Biographical Notes Poet and illustrator, born in Bristol. He married Susannah Moore, daughter of William Moore, a soap boiler in Bristol, in 1832, entering their family business. They had two daughters and one son. This business failed and he trained as a surgeon, and began writing to support his family in 1841 when he lived in Monmouth. He wrote a biography of Thomas Chatterton, published collections of poetry, providing his own illustrations for some of his work, and worked as an itinerant artist in the 1840s. He was imprisoned for debt in Cardiff in 1843 and travelled to New York as a ship's surgeon shortly afterwards. Dix returned to Britain and spent the late 1840s travelling the country publishing ballads, verses and fictional or grossly exaggerated accounts of meetings with numerous famous figures from the arts. He was an alcoholic. He returned to America, leaving his family behind in Bristol, became an active member of the temperance movement and published evangelical texts, travel narratives and civil war ballads there during the 1850s and 60s.


Travel Account(s)


Connemara-Ballinahinch (Author of travel text)