Gilpin Gorst

Period of Activity active c. 1820-1840
Gender Male
Biographical Notes Little is known of Gilpin Gorst. He may have been related to the Rev. Gilpin Gorst (1726-1803) son of William Gorst, Steward of Appleby Castle. In the 1820s and 1830s the name Gilpin Gorst appears in connection with charitable organisations in London: described as being of [15] Little Tower Street, he is listed in 1821 as one of the Governors for Life of the Asylum for the Support and Education of the Deaf and Dumb Children of the Poor, and in 1831 as a Governor of St Thomas’s Hospital, Southwark. We know that in 1825 the Chairman of the Coal and Corn Commission was a Gilpin Gorst. In the same general period, and later, a Gilpin Gorst, Vintner, is listed in registers and almanacks as a member of the Council of the City of London. A decade or two later a certain Gilpin Gorst (elected Fellow of the Royal Geological Society in 1837) receives mention as having a noteworthy collection of fossils.
What is certain is that the Gilpin Gorst who wrote an account of his travels in Ireland was Deputy Governor of the Honorable Society of Ireland in London, and undertook this journey with several fellow members on behalf of the Society in 1825. Their experiences are described in A Narrative of an Excursion to Ireland, published in 1825. JC


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