Ole Jørgen Rawert

Born 1786
Died 1851
Place of Birth Copenhagen
Place of Death Copenhagen
Gender Male
Biographical Notes Ole Jørgen Rawert, born 3 January 1786 in Copenhagen, died there on 11 July 1851. He was a Danish official, and the son of architect Jørgen Henrik Rawert. From 1811 to 1816 he was a member of the Manufacturing Board of Denmark. Having received royal support for foreign travel, in 1816-1819 he visited Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, in order to familiarize himself with industrial conditions there. In 1819-1821 he travelled throughout Denmark. He recorded these and other journeys in numerous watercolours, generally dated in the top left-hand corner. Many of these are held in the Royal Danish Library, Det Kongelige Bibliotek, in Copenhagen. It was in summer 1818 that he visited England, Scotland and Ireland, arriving in July and departing in October. Five of the paintings illustrating this journey are of Irish scenes. The two that are dated show that he was in Ireland for at least a week (14-20 October 1818).

Rawert's published travel-related writing includes: with P.J.G. Garlieb, Bornholm beskreven paa en Reise i Aaret 1815. Med et geognostisk Kort og et Landskab [Bornholm described on a trip in the year 1815. With a geognostic map and a landscape] (1819); and, as sole author, Rejse i de skotske Højlande, i September 1818: (Brundstykke af en Dagbog) [Journey through the Scottish Highlands] (1825). He is also known for his unflattering portrayal of Danish conditions in Beretning om Industriens Tilstand i de danske Provinser (1820). This and his later works of economic and industrial history and analysis are considered to be important sources.

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