George Crampton

Period of Activity active c. 1841
Gender Male
Biographical Notes Collaborates with sketches and reports to Caesar Otway's Sketches in Erris and Tyrawly. This is how Otway describes Crampton in the preface to the work: ‘the agent of Mr. Carter, one of the great landed proprietors of Erris. I have no reason to regret that my young friend has given up his pursuit of a fellowship in Trinity College, to settle himself in the wilds of Erris; his taste for antiquarian research, his love for natural history, his inquiries into the traditions of the people, have made him an able auxiliary, and his generosity has been equal to his capability.’ Members of his family were rectors of the parishes of Headford Co. Galway, and Cong, Co. Mayo. As agents to the Carter family in the barony of Erris they helped develop the town of Belmullet. George Crampton’s letters display ambivalence towards the local population. On the one hand, in a letter from Dublin in December 1848, he clearly deplored their condition, on the other, on 28 March of the same year, he had written advising Mr Carter not to spend the €5000 he had just been granted (under the Land Improvement Act) on Erris, but rather to sell it, as his obligations under the poor-rate ‘to support the destitute on [his] estate’ would outweigh any benefits from draining and improving the land. Despite this advice, in 1876 the Carters were in possession of 40,000 acres in Co. Mayo.

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