Lieutenant Henri

Period of Activity active c. 1805-after 1841
Gender Male
Biographical Notes Travel companion of Caesar Otway, contacted through a letter of introduction, contributed sketches to his Sketches in Erris and Tyrawly. This is how Otway describes Lieutenant Henri in the preface to the work: ‘Commander of the coast-guard station at Doonkeegan (a naval officer who has resided in Erris for nineteen years, and who, to an accurate knowledge of his profession, has acquirements, scientific and general, which I have seldom seen combined in any officer in the service, either military or naval).’ Henry had previously spent eighteen years at sea. Otway expresses wonder that ‘an officer so highly gifted , and so well calculated to serve her majesty ably and faithfully, should be left for eighteen years to waste away his life on a promontory in Erris’ (p. 339).