Theresa Cornwallis Whitby West

Born 1806
Died 1886
Place of Birth Newlands Manor, Hampshire
Gender Female
Biographical Notes Daughter of Captain John Whitby, R.N, married the widower Frederick Richard West (1799–1862) of Ruthin Castle, Denbighshire in 1827. The couple had five children. After her husband's death, West wrote novels for children and young adults and one for an adult audience, The Doom of Doolandour (1884). She wrote one travel book, A Summer Visit to Ireland in 1846 (1847). She died in 1886 at the age of 81.

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Travel Account(s)


Glendalough (Author of travel text)

Torc in the Royal Irish Academy (Author of travel text)

Gold ornament in the Royal Irish Academy (Draughtsman, Author of travel text)

Ancient Irish Horn (Author of travel text)

Round Tower at Kilkenny (Draughtsman, Author of travel text)

Ardfinnan (Author of travel text)

Round Tower at Roscrea (Author of travel text)

Barrack or Bloody-Bridge, Dublin (Draughtsman, Author of travel text)