Michael 'Angelo' Rooker

Born 1746
Died 1801
Place of Death Soho, London
Gender Male
Biographical Notes M.A. Rooker was an English painter, mainly in watercolour, and engraver. The year of Rooker's birth is not completely certain. He may have been born in 1747. His father, Edward, was an architectural engraver, associated with Paul Sandby, who took to calling Michael, who was his pupil, Michael 'Angelo'. He was a student in the Royal Academy in 1769, and was elected an associate in 1770. He first specialized in engraving and topographical scenes. From ca 1788 he travelled in the south of England, the Midlands and Wales in search of antiquarian subjects and landscapes. He provided illustrations for a number of book, notably Tristram Shandy and the Dramatick Works of Beaumont and Fletcher (1778), and contributed prints to Kearsley's Copperplate Magazine, Sandby's Virtuosi's Museum, and the Oxford Almanack. He was later highly acclaimed as a scene-painter for various theatres from ca 1779 to a year or two before his death. It was apparently following an injury to his eyes that he turned from engraving to scene-painting. Died, unmarried, in 1801.



The Salmon Leap at Ballyshannon (Draughtsman, Engraver)