J.A. Wheeler

Period of Activity active c. 1839
Gender Not known
Biographical Notes The engraver's name is signed as J.A. Wheeler, I.A. Wheeler or just Wheeler on seven of the eight wood engravings in Caesar Otway's A Tour of Connaught (1839). The artist who produced the sketch is indicated in four of these: two are by Andrew Nicholl, AHRA, and two are signed S.L. (or possibly L.L.).

This may be John Alexander Wheeler, one of the engravers who illustrated The Thousand and One Nights (1847), and who is identified by the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a British wood engraver, active 1838–48.
(http://www.metmuseum.org/collections/search-the-collections/352847, accessed 2.3.2014).



Croagh Patrick (Engraver)