Mr C.

Period of Activity active c. 1814-1817
Gender Male
Biographical Notes A Mr C. is mentioned by Anne Plumptre as having travelled to Ireland with her. He provided the sketch for one of the engravings ('View of Dublin Bay') in her Narrative of a Residence in Ireland (1817). A single initial is very little to go by, but one fairly remote possibility is that Mr C. is Anne Plumptre's publisher, Henry Colburn, with whom she had a reasonably close working relationship (1812-1818). Shortly before her death she wrote asking him to call on her to settle their account. Colburn was known for his innovative promotional methods. He also had dealings with Lady Morgan, and may have encouraged Plumptre to mention in her Narrative that she was reading Morgan's O'Donnel, also published by Colburn.

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View of Dublin Bay (Draughtsman)