Luke Jackson

Period of Activity active c. 1775-1782
Gender Male
Biographical Notes From Walter Strickland, A Dictionary of Irish Artists (1913),, accessed 5.12.2017.

"His name occurs as an engraver in Dublin from about 1775 to 1782. In Exshaw's Magazine, 1779, is a plate inscribed Jackson sculpt., and another is in Campbell's Philosophical Survey of the South of Ireland.
A ROBERT JACKSON was working as an engraver at No. 40 Strand Street, between 1789 and 1791; and at the same address was RICHARD JACKSON, from 1796 to 1799."
Mary Pollard, in A Dictionary of Members of the Dublin Book Trade 1550-1800 (2000) notes that, on 6 February 1782, Luke Jackson’s arm was broken when the floor of the Music Hall collapsed, during a meeting to nominate a parliamentary candidate, ‘this accident appears to have ended his career as engraver’ (p.313).