Luttrell Wynne

Born 1739
Died 1814
Place of Birth London
Place of Death [buried in Westminster Abbey]
Gender Male
Biographical Notes Luttrell Wynne (1739-1814) was a member of a prominent family in Cornwall, and grand-nephew of Narcissus Luttrell. He was a graduate of All Soul’s College in Oxford, a doctor of law and for many years rector of St Erme in Cornwall. He appears to have studied art while at Oxford, under the tutelage of J.B. Malchair (Cornwall Artists Index). Gábor Gelléri has shown that he can almost certainly be identifed as the ‘Gentleman of Oxford’ who contributed to Paul Sandby’s Virtuosi’s Museum Containing Select Views in England, Scotland and Ireland, first published in book form in 1778, with later augmented editions.

The Cornwall Record Office formerly possessed several sketchbooks and notebooks by Wynne detailing his tours around the British Isles and on mainland Europe. Among them were four little notebooks and a sketchbook relating to a visit he made to Ireland in 1774 (August to October). His itinerary included Dublin and its environs, and a long tour through counties Kildare, Laois, Offaly, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Kerry, Limerick, Cork, Waterford, Wicklow, Louth, and Meath. He travelled and sketched in the company of John Dawson, later Viscount Carlow, Lord Portarlington. A number of the Irish prints in the Virtuosi’s Museum are attributed to Dawson. Comparison between Wynne’s sketchbook and the published prints show several to be very closely related. The Royal Irish Academy possesses five watercolours by Luttrell Wynne, in an album of copies of sketches which belonged to Samuel Burton Conyngham’s collection of antiquarian scenes. A similar album in the National Library of Ireland contains more copies of his work, while its collection of sketches formerly thought to be by 'S. Wynne' are now attributed to Luttrell Wynne. Further works are held in the British Museum Prints and Drawings Department.

Wynne donated part of his library to All Souls. On his death in 1814, he was buried in Westminster Abbey, and his substantial estate passed to his cousin, Edward William Wynne Pendarves, of Pendarves House, Camborne. Some of his topographical drawings were sold privately when Pendarves House was demolished in 1958. Items in the Cornwall Record Office were auctioned in 2013.


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Jane Conroy


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