John Greig

Born 1779
Gender Male
Biographical Notes John Greig was a London based draughtsman, engraver, lithographer and publisher/printer. His dates are variously given as fl. 1779-after 1824, or fl. 1800-1853. From 1803-1812 he worked with fellow draftsman, engraver and publisher James Sargant Storer (1771–1853), mainly on cabinets de curiosités and topographical volumes, among them Cowper, illustrated by a series of views(1803), Select views of London and its environs (1804-1805), Ancient Reliques (1812). Later, he engraved many of the plates for Thomas Cromwell’s Excursions through Ireland (1820). The National Library of Ireland has two Irish scenes engraved by him from his own drawings.

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