George K. Richardson

Period of Activity active c. 1833-1846
Gender Male
Biographical Notes George K. Richardson, English engraver, said to be active c. 1833-1846, although evidence of definite activity after c. 1842 has not been found. Most sources do not give his dates of birth and death, however one indicates these as 1808-1840 (MPWAI). Richardson produced landscape engravings after W.H. Bartlett in part-works and volumes published by G. Virtue, notably Switzerland (1836), The Waldenses (1838), Beauties of the Bosphorus (1838), American Scenery (1840), The scenery and antiquities of Ireland (c. 1841), and Canadian scenery illustrated (1842). Another popular volume where his work featured was the annual Friendship's offering: and winter's wreath.

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